Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

How To Regain the Trust of Nurses Everywhere

Episode Summary

Join Leanne and her guest, Melanie Marshall of Brisbane, Australia, as they explore the foundation of trust—which is absolutely essential to deliver quality healthcare and build effective teams. Melanie discusses key concepts from her recent book: TRUST: The Foundation for Healthy Organisations and Teams. Discover how to establish cultures of trust when individual interpretations and expectations are vastly different. Leanne and Melanie provide practical insights on how nurses and healthcare professionals can begin to reverse the tide of distrust that permeates so many healthcare organizations.

Episode Notes

Leanne's guest on this episode is Melanie Marshall. Melanie has had multiple roles as a military veteran, public servant, service delivery executive, business coach, and leadership advisor. Her passion and value come from sharing how to develop and improve organizations by co-designing better experiences for the people and teams working in them. 

You can download the first chapter of Melanie's book TRUST on her website: https://melaniemarshall.com.au/trust-the-book#362335e9-6b0d-4bdb-8458-4f2e0080c322

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